ISROS (International Society on Reliability of Optoelectronics for Systems) is a community which encompasses a rich variety of professional, vocational, national cultures among International Institutions as National Space Agencies, Industries and Companies, Universities, Laboratories and Manufacturers all of them operating in the domain of optoelectronics and photonics.

The seed of ISROS is the Space domain. The Space industry believes very strongly in the benefits of standards and standardization. As highlighted by one of the largest Space industry in their letter of commitment for ISROS, "standards provide the essential language of technical precision, quality and performance. Standards are the single largest source of technical data used in the design and build of our products; they are vital to achieving our goals of lean, efficient design and production systems as well as large-scale, complex systems integration. To collaborate with the rest of industry on a standards solution is to make certain that external standards, used in concert with our internal standards, ensure that we have the most reliable, high quality products available. Working with ISROS will support this goal of industry standards solutions”.



But many other sectors not only related to Space are also focused in the needs for such standards. The Association aims at promoting scientific fundamental and applied research primarily in the fields of materials, components and systems based on optoelectronics use in high reliability application, but also in all fields conventionally with harsh environments and in particular the following:

- Space and Military,

- Aerospace (aircrafts, spacecrafts, helicopters),

- Automotive,

- Railroad vehicles,

- Ships,

- Sub-marine network telecommunications,

- Nuclear,

- Civil engineering structures,

- Medical,

- Telecommunications (fiber optics networks and sytems).


Join ISROS to take advantages of this source of knowledge and background.



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International Society on Reliability of Optoelectronics for Systems